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Nice story but I miss text

The story sounds nice for a one-shot, but in chapter "The Investigation Begins" seems to be a loose end. The last sentence ends abrupt

Leaves of Lothlorien
Benjamin Simpson

It was like having treasure encrusted with emerald! Many of my friends were envious as well!

d20 Mithril Pendant

Treated myself due to having a gift voucher; I don’t buy myself jewellery often but the idea of having an emergency dice set on me at all times made me cackle like a goddamn hag! The dice are tiny but very easy to read, the pendant is very secure, I just might end up replacing the chain due to more personal preference.

Absolutely love the concept of this mystery bag and was not disappointed; I was lucky enough to get polymer, sharp-edged, metal and gemstone dice! While I love gelatinous cube and an inky sharp edge fits nicely into my dice boxes current colour palette, the tiger-eye gemstone has a sentimental value to me so bringing it to a tabletop setting means a lot. All of them are clear to read and roll very nicely, 100% would buy again if I felt like treating myself!

Lucky Mystery Dice Bag

Luck of the Irish! I got two mystery bags; one contained a set of glittery purple dice, the other had what I think are from a recycled series that looks like confetti. I love that they kinda match, they’re exactly what I needed to add a pop of bright colour into my dice box! 100% would buy again, very happy with customer service.


Treated myself after winning a gift voucher; I can’t imagine playing BG3 without being a Durge so buying a themed dice set was an instinctive choice. I don’t own many metal dice but these are so pretty, so clear to read and have a very comfortable weight. Each dice came individually bagged which was a nice touch in delivery.

Hill Stronghold
John Walls

Loved them

d20 Mithril Pendant
Chloe Cordell

The quality of this pendant is great and the colors all work really well together! The dice inside are extra tiny, even smaller than the mini sets I already own (which I love, tiny stuff is so fun to me - but be aware of that in case you are expecting the size to be similar to your run of the mill mini dice). To be a bit nitpicky, I will say that the chain was too short for my preference. I’m used to stuff of this size being more of a medium-long necklace than a short necklace, but I was able to just use another longer chain I had on hand to fix that so it’s perfect for me now. I will also note that upon close inspection the gold coloring on the numbers of the pendant were a bit off center but it’s hard to see that unless you’re really looking. Overall, great quality. The snap feels secure, the metal is nicely shaped. The dragons are a fun design aspect. The gold/white with a pop of purple-pink gems is a great color combo. Definitely worth the purchase!

Blue Mist
indy kuijlaars
Great dice

I am very happy for what I payed for good quality

Lucky Mystery Dice Bag
Stewart Trotter

Bought a bunch of bags to open during a game. All dice were well received and used straight away. Happy with the content and swift delivery!

Black Chonks
Richie Delahoyde
Great as always

Have ordered dice a few times and couldn't recommend more

Elven Steel
Peter Schrade

I love these dice.
At first it is a bit difficult see the difference between 2 and 5. But it is possible.

Elven Steel
Ed Picard

The Elven Steel dice are wonderful and met all expectations! They're now one of the best die sets in my collection.

Love these

Great description. Great price. Great quality. Will continue to purchase from them.

Worth it

Had so much fun with this one shot! 100% worth it!

High quality one shot

Great quality, and it ships really fast!

Gorgeous peice of art

I have received Number 61 of this absolutely gorgeous gem today. The photo attached (nor any of the product photos) cannot capture how stunning and beautiful this thing is. This piece of art will certainly be the center piece of my dice collection for many games to come.


Bought them without realising the tiles are reversible for blank and or decorated sides, was a nice surprise.

Dark Sun
Skye Dakota Kehoe
Beautiful dice

Thanks so much for the quick delivery I'll be ordering something again soon.

Had to buy from a company that shares my name 😄 and is also based in Ireland

Astral Plane
George Broadhurst

Great dice. Beautiful and fun to roll

Leaves of Lothlorien
Siobane Lefèvre
Magnifiques !

Comme d'habitude ces dés sont incroyables ! Merci pour ce design de folie 💚

Great little adventure

My wife said I had a good time playing this as part of a date night. Not a lot of prep work and good opportunities for RP.

Very nice

Lovely set of dice and were shipped very quickly.

Lucky Mystery Dice Bag
Christian Röblitz

Unfortunately there are some duplicate sets in the last ones, but otherwise I can only recommend them.

Dice Loot Bag - Green
Christian Röblitz

Unfortunately there are some duplicate sets in the last ones, but otherwise I can only recommend them.