D8 Night - A Romantic Adventure for 2

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Summary -

Get some roman-tasy into your life! Packed full of mystery and adventure, this one shot is the perfect night in for two. Let’s call it a D8.😘

Rescue a time locked village from a love struck malevolent spirit in this love themed adventure.

This adventure is packed with engaging puzzles, exciting combat encounters, and a heartwarming story that will remind you of the power of love.

Description -

D8 Night is a short, 20-page one-shot adventure designed for 2 people (a DM & a player) making it perfect for a romantic D&D date night.  The module contains maps, monster stat blocks, and everything else you need to run it. 

The adventure takes roughly 2 hours to complete and is suitable for most age groups*.

Purchase Options -

Printed Booklet + Digital PDF:

You get:

  • A gorgeous, professionally printed A5 booklet containing the complete adventure,
  • High quality beautifully illustrated full-color maps to aid in your exploration included in booklet.
  • Digital pdf version of campaign in A5 format
Bonus: High resolution files of the maps for use in online games or print!

Digital-Only Version: 

You get:

  • An A5-size booklet containing the complete adventure (not print quality)
  • Ink-friendly version for printing
  • High quality full-color maps for use in online play, or printable to aid in-person gameplay

*Contains mentions of violent deaths that some players may not be comfortable with. 

If you would like a pre-generated character to play this adventure with, you can download them here.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Pieter S.
Very fun campaign

Few errors in the little book i think. The villagers in the inn have 4 (4d6) hit points, surely that 4 is an error. Also the main npc has a passive perception of 17 a few lines under it, it says passive perception 16.

Hi Pieter - thanks for that feedback and taking the time to leave a review! While working on the German translation, we found loads of little errors like this in the English version that I am in the process of correcting :D But that is one we actually missed, so thanks for that! *makes notes*


Nice materials, good description

Anita S.
Great d8 idea

Was a really fun date, the session lasted about 2 hours, the booklet is very nice and gives you everything you need for a one shot.

Joseph W.

It was fun

Nice campaign, needs some work

A nice little campaign that did last approx 2 hours. As a long time player, this was my first attempt at DMing, and I enjoyed the experience. As others have said, it was frustrating having the maps built into the booklet, and the spelling and grammar mistakes were really bad. The premise was nice, and it was easy to make small changes, for example I changed Anteros to a female character. My biggest gripe were the elements that were missing. For example, my husband's character tried to buy the bottle of wine - there was no suggested price. Also, when it came to the mirror, there was a lack of clarity regarding how to claim the mirror, and how to pick up an item that was 5 foot wide and embedded in stone... I didn't mind adlibbing, but I felt the campaign promised a more complete experience. Somehow we made it through the campaign on pure role play, no fighting! An enjoyable couple of hours, but definitely some tweaks needed.

Hi H.M - thank you so much for giving such detailed feedback!

In regards to the maps, you might have missed it but when you purchase the physical booklet you are also provided links (via email) to download digital versions in case you want to print them.

Regarding missing elements, we've deliberately tried to make the one shot as flexible as possible to fit into any DM's campaign or world, hence why we don't provide specific details like cost of items, etc as the DM can either look them up in the DMG or tailor them to fit their world economics.

Lastly, I would love if you could email me with the spelling and grammarical mistakes you saw. While I did my best as editor to catch things, I would love to know of any I missed so that I can change them :)

I hope that helps and all the best!


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