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Dungeon Tiles

Absolutely beautiful tiles perfect for my style of solo play. So happy I found these thank you so much Dakotairish. Plus was delivered undamaged and fast. Thanks again

Absolutely stunning can not wait to play

Absolutely amazing colouring, bought as a gift. Will be buying one for myself

Dark Sun
George O'Donnell

Well made, great colour

A perfect short adventure for two

I bought this as an excuse to spend the afternoon playing with my boyfriend and it was an absolute blast, thank you!

My go-to dice

These are absolutely fantastic. My go-to dice when in doubt. They look incredible and the weight is just right. Makes every roll feel important.

Love my dice bag! :)

So glad I treated myself to a dice bag !! Nice thick material, you can tell it’s good quality straight away. I only have ~10 sets of dice, but I’d say the bag could fit 50 sets with plenty of room. There’s also 7 pockets in the bag so you can separate by d4s, d6s, d8s, etc. if you want. Not sure if this is standard because this is the first bag I’ve bought!

Overall really happy with this purchase! Would definitely buy another if and when I run out of space :)

Great intro

This is an excellent little intro adventure with a nice twist. It won't be any kind of surprise to experienced players but for new players, especially children, it will be good. One piece of advice: if using with kids give the dog plot armour!

Absolut amazing

Ich hoffe es kommt eine Variante im mystery Herrenhaus oder chutullu Style raus das Produkt ist top und eignet sich wunderbar für Figuren agnostische Spiele.

Shattered Gold
Michael Quilligan
Very happy

Great quality and prompt delivery

Absolute delirah!

I got a lovely set of sharp edge Rare dice, and himself got two sets of Common dice in his bag! Really nice colours in both bags we received, I would highly recommend these. Can't wait for the next month's set!

Great product!

Tanja Simon
Great dice

Really the perfect dice for my new DnD Character, bumblebee Polly 🐝
I love them 🥰 and hopefully they‘ll bring me some lucky rolls 😅
Also very nice communication with the Team 👍

Legendary draw!

Pulled a legendary draw, loved it.

Great intro to D'n'D & Fun game night!

My partner always wanted to give D'n'D a try - and I've never DM'd before - so this was a perfect intro for both of us!
Plenty of info provided to setup the game, and a great balance of role-playing & action!
Maps were perfect & additional Pre- generated character sheets were very useful.
A great fun one-shot, we both loved it!

Raven Queen's Champion
Christophe Mambourg
Such a beautiful set of dice

The dice are absolutely beautiful and of very high quality. The dice box is also of top quality. The delivery was fast and very neat. I highly recommend the products of Dakota Irish to all role playing games enthusiasts!

So nice! Top shelf.

I saw these online and thought maybe they were common or available other places. Others were close but the texture and quality here is insane. Nothing else had the true porcelain look.

Dungeon Tiles - Dungeon Crawl
Nikola Strahinovic
Very usefull!

Great quality! I will use them now everytime when I master an Pen&Paper Game!

Adorable dice! Love the design and quality

Excellent experience

This was a perfect intro to dnd for my Girlfriend and now she is hooked. Thank you so much for an excellent product

Exactly what I needed

I've wanted one of these dice bags for months and this is exactly what I wanted, plus the colours are gorgeous

Pretty but not quiiite as depicted!

The dice are as wonderful as always, but the eye on my d20, d12, d8 and d6 face towards the lowest value, and not the highest as it looks like in the photo (Hopefully that doesn't mean they are cursed...). Although judging by the other reviews this isnt too common. So if you are buying these to add an extra flair to your high rolls be careful! Other then that they are of great quality and all n all quite good!

Gob Stoppers
Oran ODonnell

High quality dice. Fast shipping

Nearly PERFECT dungeon tiles perfect for Randomly Generated Dungeons

These tiles are perfectly detailed and colors really pop even considering that they are dungeon tiles. They align perfectly with each other and the different sides is a brilliant concept that works perfectly for me (I am home brewing a rogue like dungeon crawler in the heroquest game system) and these tiles perfectly suit all my needs. Only reason why it's not 5 stars? Just wish they were on harder card stock to make them a little more durable.

I would definitely buy a forest tile set or city/village tile set if these are something they would want to make. Highly recommend getting these tiles!

Dimension Door
Talia Herch
First Order & Definitely not my Last

I have been wanting to order dice from Dakota Irish for a long time and I am not sure why I didn’t, but when I won a gift card I said this is my moment. The dice are beautiful and I cannot wait to use them in my next game. I also got a first time adventure book and I am so excited to ask my DM to use it.