Zebrawood dice tower

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Zebrawood dice tower
Zebrawood dice tower
Zebrawood dice tower

Designed to compliment the classic style of my dice trays, this African zebrano dice tower fits securely into the side slot when stored and are designed to be use from the same area, allowing you to roll over the divider into the tray and saving precious rolling space. The specially designed tumbling pattern inside the dice tower ensures a fair roll every time and is strong enough for metal dice! It's natural, hard wearing shellac finish protects it from damage and ensures it stays looking beautiful for years to come.

Zebrano is highly prized by furniture makers & woodworkers for it's black and cream zebra-like stripes. The trees this wood comes from are huge and most often found in the lowland forests of south Cameroon, Africa. Original zebrawood came from a different tree called "palmetto", but this fell out of use due to over-harvesting.

How do you create my pieces?

Each handcrafted piece is created by us in my studio in Ireland from handpicked hardwoods and premium linings. Once assembled from the separate pieces that we manufacturer in my shop, they are sanded down to an ultra smooth 240 grit. We then brand them with my Dakota Irish logo and seal them using a specialized shellac sealer before finishing them with 3-4 layers of all natural shellac. This natural finish gives the wood a beautiful, lustrous color and shine as well as being incredibly hard and able to withstand impacts from your metal dice. Lastly, we do final clean-ups before packaging and shipping to your door.

What's included?

1x Dice Tower
Care instructions and information about zebrano

What are the dimensions of the tower?

- Tower: ~20x4.5cmx4.5cm
- Opening: 4.5cm
- Weight: ~100-150g

How will I get my order?

All of my handcrafted products come with free delivery as standard. This standard service does not include tracking ID. If you would like to track your package (and I recommend this, especially for more expensive items).

**Any cards, counters, dice, accessories and models shown in photo not included with purchase. Also please understand that while the photos give you an idea of what to expect, each item is a natural product and will vary slightly in appearance from the photos with regard to grain and coloration, ensuring that your piece will be a unique piece of art.

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