D&D Dice Advent Calendar - Moon

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Special Edition D&D dice advent calendar designed by the team here at Dakota Irish!

Christmas is coming… 🎄

One way to get into the festive spirit and satisfy those dice cravings at the same time is with a dice advent calendar!

This Christmas countdown calendar is perfect for dice-lovers and TTRPG players.


Each calendar comes with a random single die behind every door leading up to the big day.

With this special edition dice calendar, by December 24th you will have:

3 full acrylic or resin dice sets + 3 unique dice only available in our advent calendars.

  • Very limited numbers
  • Box dimensions: Roughly (W) 25.4cm x (H) 22.86cm
  • Due to manufacturing batch runs, camera, and monitor settings, the colors on the pictures may vary slightly.
  • Each full dice set includes: 1d20, 1d12, 2d10, 1d8, 1d6, & 1d4

May your Christmas be a natural 20! 🎅

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Dakota Irish is a trusted provider of premium, high quality and artisanal accessories to tabletop gaming enthusiasts and dice collectors around the world. From our beginnings in Luke’s home office and workshop in 2017 we’ve grown to be one of the top retailers in our industry globally and continue to grow and innovate.  Whether you're searching for a unique set of dice for a new character you’ve just made, or a beautiful handcrafted dice tray to roll those babies in, we connect you with the accessories you love and want use time and time again. You can trust the quality of our products with our 100% guarantee and our customer-focused service.

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