Dragon's Breath Kickstarter Campaign

Dragon's Breath Kickstarter Campaign

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Our Dragon's Breath dice are inspired by the dragons featured in D&D, with each set corresponding to a specific dragon.  And because dragons are a legendary creatures, we wanted to make something special. So there will only be 1000 of each set produced.
The dice are made from high quality resin and incorporate stunning vapor effects and colors. The technique used means the dice appear different in every lightning condition.  So every time you look at, use, and hold these dice you'll discover something new and exciting to appreciate.
*Each set comes with 11 dice - 2d20 for advantage/disadvantage rolls, 1d12, 1d%, 1d10, 1d8, 4d6 for character creation and FIREBALLS, and 1d4.  
We also hope to offer more dice inspired by the other chromatic and metallic dragons as stretch goals if the project funds.

Dragon's Breath Dice

 Green dragon's fire

Green dragon's fire 2*ink color subject to change

Green Dragon's Fire on cloudy day

black dragons banner Black Dragon's Fire

Black Dragon's Fire

Black Dragon's Fire

Red dragon's banner

Red Dragon's Fire


Red Dragon's Fire on cloudy day



White Dragon's Fire

White dragon's bannerWhite Dragon's Fire


White Dragon's Fire on cloudy day


Other Campaign Rewards

Working with wood and making beautiful things is part and parcel with my passion and love for tabletop gaming and the incredible community surrounding it. So while dice are the focus of this campaign, we've also decided to offer my handcrafted products as higher tier pledges in special, discounted bundles.

1.) Embroidered Dice Bags 

Starting at our Dice & Friend tier, backers will receive a free dice bag to go with their new sets.
This beige beauty will hold 7-8 standard dice sets in super comfy digs.  It's made of crushed velvet that feels like suede with a high quality double drawstring which means your bag won't open easily and can be tied for extra security. It also sports a pretty sweet embroidered Dakota Irish logo :D
Dakota Irish dice bag

2.) Status Effect Markers & Healing Potion Kits

Status Effect Markers - Dungeon Master's Kit

Also starting at our Dice & Friend pledge, backers get to choose between a Status Effect Markers kit or Healing Potion Kit.  Depending on whether your a DM or player, these useful tools are great for leveling up your play.
Status Effect Markers Dungeon Master's Kit -
  • 30 effect markers
  • Effects: 3x Blessed, Bane - 2x Charmed, Feared, Poisoned, Hasted, Slowed. 1x Sanctuary, Stunned, Dominated, Enlarged, Reduced, Blinded, Paralyzed, Hexed, and Confused.
  • Specials: Mage Armor, Hexblade's Curse, Hunter's Mark, Armor of Agathys, and Tasha's Hideous Laughter

3.) Healing Potion Kits

Healing Potion Kit

Starting at Dice & Friends level, choose between a healing potion kit or status effect markers.
Each Healing Potion kit comes with 4 glass bottles filled with cherry red d4s and wrapped with twine & a handy label so you don't forget which is which. 
The kit includes one potion each;
  • Healing (2d4), 
  • Greater (4d4), 
  • Superior (8d4), and 
  • Supreme (10d4) healing potion.

4.) Dice Trays & Towers

Starting at the Adventurers level, backers receive dice trays or dice tray & tower bundles (depending on the level).  Each piece is handcrafted in my studio in Ireland to the highest quality craftsmanship.  
Rather than pay full price for a tray or tower, you can available of these pledges to get a significant discount.  These special discounted bundles will only be available with this Kickstarter.  
Dice Trays & Towers are available in two categories - Premium & Artisan.  
Premium woods include;
  • Mahogany, 
  • English Oak, 
  • American Black Walnut, and 
  • African Padauk

American Black Walnut dice tray & tower

Artisan woods include; 
  • Brazilian Purpleheart, 
  • African Wenge, 
  • Lacewood, and 
  • Spalted Irish Beech.

Spalted Beech dice tray & Pippy Oak dice tower

5.) Initiative Kits & Special DM Kit

Dungeon Masters Initiative Kit

At our "Please Don't Kill My Character" level, backers not only get beautiful new dice, artisan level dice trays and towers, but also some special Kickstarter only items such as our Initiative Kit & Special Markers kit.
DM Initiative Kit -  
  • 25 initiative rings
  • Includes - 10x Monster rings, 8x player rings, 5x NPC rings.
  • Specials: 2x boss rings to distinguish from normal monsters.
Special DM Markers Kit
  • 82 effect markers
  • Includes most status effects in D&D, as well as multiples of common effects like Bane, Blessed, and more.Dice Trays & Towers

But why Kickstarter?

I started Dakota Irish as a means of sharing my passion and love of tabletop gaming with this amazing community.  We try to express that by offering high quality, unique products that you actually want to use at your table, but also by attempting to challenge how companies engage with their customers and do things differently.
We feel Kickstarter is absolutely the right choice for engaging with our supporters and patrons in a way that means you became a part of our story, instead of apart from it. By pledging, you become a part of the success of our products & company, instead of a passive consumer. It also means you guys help us to bring amazing new products like these to the community and so hopefully help give something back to our amazing, diverse, and colorful community of tabletop gaming enthusiasts.

Ok, so why €25k?

Producing any product is expensive, but producing custom dice can be very expensive. That's why we need your help. 
For custom dice, thousands of each set must be made in large production runs to keep costs low and price affordable. That's a lot of dice, my dudes!  On top of making each dice set, there are additional costs such as shipping & handling, import fees, taxes, operating costs, and miscellaneous things we may not have considered.  We also have Kickstarter fees that have to be paid!   
Below is a handy graphic that shows the cost breakdown in an easy to read, spiffy pie chart.
Kickstarter funding breakdown
*This chart is only a guide as, depending on how you decide to pledge, the percentages might change to factor in stretch goals and new rewards.

How are the dice made?

These dice are resin based and created in large forms, step-by-step, and then let to cool.  Afterwards the dice are cleaned up, inked, polished, and quality inspected to ensure we've as few deviants as possible.  However, there IS a risk with a production this big that a few...special dice get through.  We will do out best to weed out these pesky fellows, but when you're dealing with thousands of dice it's always possible to miss some things.
After the manufacturing process the dice are packed and shipped direct to us where we then do another quality check before shipping them out to you. In-between us and the factory are a lot of checks, import fees, customs officials, and other annoying but necessary things.

Who are Dakota Irish? 

Luke in his workshop

Dakota Irish is a one man show started by Luke McIntosh out of his home studio that has grown into a global small business. He creates artisan handcrafted wood products and offers high quality gaming accessories that combines his love for craftsmanship with his passion for tabletop role-playing and board games.

Custom spalted beech burl dice tray with purpleheart divider.

Luke kicked off this journey in the summer of 2017 by opening an Etsy shop and offering his first product - handcrafted hardwood dice trays. Luke's handcrafted products have become a big hit at conventions due to their high quality, beauty, and his customer-centric approach.  
To date he has built a strong following on social media and found a passionate audience of creators, patrons, and supporters.  He is currently one of the top 50 Etsy shops in Ireland and recently spoke at a Shopify event about the importance of social media and building an audience. He is constantly evolving his products based on player input and testing and he has big plans for 2019! :)
See the full, uncut earlier version of our Kickstarter video with additional information about Dakota Irish, our Dice and Campaign Rewards, Risks & Mitigation, as well as other info.

Special Thanks

Dice tests - pic by Tina SSPT Member
Test dice - pic by Tina of SSPT group
A very special thanks to all of my dice testers in the Dakota Irish SSPT group - 
Jessica, Jash, Victoria, Mon, Kelsie, Kim, Nicky, Katie, Amy, Becky, Tessa, Ashley, Jen, Tylyn, Rose, Andrew, Tina, and Christopher.  
You guys gave of your time and energy to give help me make these dice and this kickstarter the best it can be. Couldn't have done it with you guys. Thank you!

And finally, thank YOU!

Thanks for reading & I hope you'll support our first Kickstarter campaign!  Even if you can't pledge to back the campaign, you can still share it on social media, with family and friends, and tell others about what we're doing.  Thank you so much for any support you can provide.
Much Love,

Potential Stretch Goals

copper dragon stretch goal

Blue dragon stretch goal

Silver dragon stretch goal

Brass dragon stretch goal

Gold dragon stretch goal

Shadow dragon stretch goal

Faerie dragon stretch goal

Add-Ons now available!

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