Job Opportunities

Looking to join the team at Dakota Irish? You have come to the right place!

Dakota Irish are an Irish based, family run online retailer and tabletop gaming craft company.

The world of table top gaming and accessories is an exciting, fun & passionate collective & we work hard to bring high quality products to global markets.

Working from our base in Co. Kilkenny, we work hard among the sawdust, dog treats, products & shipping boxes to ensure we deliver joy to each one of our customers. And we enjoy ourselves while doing it!

We are often looking for new team members to support us and continue to service our dedicated customer base.  See below for the current positions we have available. 

Current Positions -

Convention Staff

As our frequency and footprint of con attendance is growing, we have found ourselves in need of backup. We need wandering monsters.

We are putting together two teams to support the project Brute Squad and Charm Brigade.

As a set up and take down team, we need beasts of burden, steel shod and tool wielding. Background in set dressing or manual handling a benefit.

During the con itself we need engaging entities to work the counter and help nerds decide which click-clack rocks are best for them.

These are gig roles, no more than once a month at present, none before May. Sometimes we’ll be hiring close to the event, other times we will travel internationally with our chosen band.

Depends on what our plan for each con needs

If you’re interested, please contact andrew@dakotairish to start the rigorous process.