About Us



Luke McIntosh

Dungeon Master, Owner, Designer, Craftsman

Luke works from his studio in Co. Carlow Ireland along with his assistant, Whiskey, a cat that’s always pretty pissed off, three kids, an amazingwife.com and 2 other pups who the Bernese pretty much thinks he owns.  Because he's huge.

Luke also DMs a weekly homebrew D&D 5E campaign where he emotionally and mentally tortures his players while making them think they're enjoying themselves.  He also plays the occasional video game.

Girl with glasses


Marketer, Customer Service, Shipper

Having just finished studying marketing, Elaine joins the team to help grow and build our social media presence and help Luke with shipping and customer service.


Chief Assistant, Destroyer of Tissues

Whiskey is a Bernese Mountain dog who thinks he’s a person and counts chewing up 20 euro notes among his many eating habits.  He also enjoys destroying tissues, plastic items, toys, and pens.