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Personalized Engravings

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Personalized Engravings

Want to get your handcrafted item personalized for that special someone?  This is the right place!


Are there limitations to engravings?

Other than character limit and location, we need to respect copyright and trademark law, and avoid engraving anything we do not have a license for. 

Please note that if you submit an order with an engraving that falls into this category, we’ll need to reach out to you to discuss an alternative, so please ensure your email address is on your order.  Also, this will likely delay your order.  If you are unsure of whether or not your engraving will be possible, contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss it.

What is the character count limit on text engravings? What font do you use?

We have a character limit of ~120 characters. Engravings can be done in most fonts provided the font is not protected or licensed.


We can engrave on the long side or short side of a dice tray, on the left or right side of a tower, and on the top or bottom of a vault.  Please note that some locations will understandably have less space and may reduce the number of available characters that we can engrave.

Common Trademark phrases we cannot engrave

Certain words and phrases are registered trademarks, and Dakota Irish must honor and respect these properties. As a result, engraving requests for these titles and phrases cannot be facilitated. If requested, we will contact you to discuss an alternative, which will likely delay your order.

To ensure your order is processed as quickly and completely as possible, please avoid requesting such phrases, or others that you know to be trademarked; the list below is a guide, but is not comprehensive, is subject to change and will be revised over time.

Dungeons & Dragons, DND, D&D

Dungeon Master

Critical Role

Magic: The Gathering, MTG

Wizards of the Coast

Adventurer’s League

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