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Dice Trays

Irish Yew

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Irish Yew
Irish Yew
Irish Yew
Irish Yew
Gain a +3 to your table flair with this exclusive handcrafted dice tray made from sacred Irish yew wood. The tray features a specially designed divider that lets you show off dice, spell cards, or miniatures and also offers a more ergonomic rolling angle. The tray also offers a generous rolling area and side slot lined with premium brown Italian leather, a shock absorbing base to ensure fair and consistent rolls, and rubber feet to keep your tray planted in place.

In Irish, yew is called "an Iúr" and is considered sacred in some religions. During the 19th century most yew trees were cut down due to being poisonous to livestock, so finding good stock is particularly difficult. A long-lived tree, yew can grow for over 9000 years with some growing extremely gnarled and twisted. This creates burled wood like we see in this piece, which makes particularly interesting features such as a swirling grains, knots, voids and leaving striking orange or red hues to the wood.

How do you create my pieces?

Each handcrafted piece is created by me in my studio in Ireland from handpicked hardwoods and premium linings. They are sanded down to an ultra smooth 240 grit, then branded with my Dakota Irish logo and sealed them using a specialized shellac sealer before finishing them with 3-4 layers of all shellac. This natural finish gives the wood a beautiful, lustrous color and shine as well as being incredibly hard and durable, able to withstand impacts from metal dice, floors, backpacks, or you-name-it. Finally, I use an industrial grade adhesive to combine your chosen lining with the tray and do final clean-ups before packaging and shipping to your door.

What's included?

1x Dice Tray

What are the dimensions of the tray?

- Tray: ~27x21x4.5cm
- Side-slot: 5.1cm (2 in) - holds up to 35 dice
- Weight: ~.6 kg

How will I get my order?

All of my handcrafted products come with free UPS Express delivery as standard.

**Any dice towers, cards, counters, dice, accessories and models shown in photo not included with purchase. Also please understand that while the photos give you an idea of what to expect, each item is a natural product and will vary slightly in appearance from the photos with regard to grain and coloration, ensuring that your piece will be a unique piece of art.

Materials: glue,leather,irish yew

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