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Mahogany Exalted Dice Vault

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Mahogany Exalted Dice Vault
Mahogany Exalted Dice Vault
Mahogany Exalted Dice Vault
Mahogany Exalted Dice Vault
These new dice vaults are interchangeable, flexible dice or hero vaults that fit into my dice trays for easy storage and portability. You can also use them as a small rolling tray!

The boxes have strong magnetic clasps to keep your precious-es safe ūüėÜ and come with 2 foam inserts so you can switch between hero vault or dice vault. Without inserts the vault can hold up to 3 sets if dice. The box let's you determine how best to use it based on your needs!

Vaults are cut to size, the inside CNCd, and the magnets glued in place. Then we sand them down to 240 grit, brand, seal and finish them in 3 layers of natural shellac.


Dimensions: ~10cm x 10cm x 4cm
Finish: 3 layers of natural shellac
Clasp: 8x magnetic rare earth magnets

Choose from 8 different woods to suit your taste!

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