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Irish Yew Burl

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Irish Yew Burl
Irish Yew Burl
Irish Yew Burl
Irish Yew Burl
Irish Yew Burl
Irish Yew Burl
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An exclusive handcrafted, artisan dice tray made out of beautiful Irish Yew Burl with a genuine leather lining. If you are looking for a unique dice tray that will be a talking point at any table and will strike fear into the hearts of your friends and foes alike, look no further!

In Irish, yew is called "an Iúr" and is considered sacred in some religions. During the 19th century most yew trees were cut down due to being poisonous to livestock, so finding good stock is particularly difficult. A long-lived tree, yew can grow for over 9000 years with some growing extremely gnarled and twisted.  This creates burled wood like we see in this piece, which makes particularly interesting features such as a swirling grains, knots, voids and leaving striking orange or red hues to the wood.

Cut with these aspects in mind, I aimed to maximize the best features of the wood and build a truly one-of-a-kind piece.


  • Thick base absorbs impact and gives consistent bounce and rolling characteristics
  • High outer walls ensure your dice stay in your tray when rolling
  • Large side-slot for your dice vault, spare dice, miniatures, or spell cards - holds up to 5 full dice sets!
  • Unique divider allows for lower angle, more ergonomic throws while still allowing you to see your dice or minis from any angle
  • Selection of high-quality fabrics mean your dice travel better and more consistently
  • Solid rubber feet to keep your tray level and stop it moving across the table.


  • Tray: ~27x21x4.5cm
  • Side-slot: 5.1cm (2 inches) - up to 35 dice
  • Weight: ~1 kg

    NOTE:  Any cards, counters, dice, accessories and models shown in photo not included with purchase.  Also please understand that while the photos give you an idea of what to expect, each item is a natural product and will vary slightly in appearance from the photos with regard to grain and coloration, ensuring that your piece will be a unique piece of art.

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